The Benefits of HFDM (Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring) to Operational Safety

HFDM Benefits

  • In this area more serious incidents are investigated and lessons learned - responses are reactive.
  • Events of such severity are not frequent and provide a limited opportunity to learn.

  • In this area the minor incidents often go unnoticed and rarely generate reports.
  • Minor events during routine operations provide the seeds for serious incidents.
  • Proactive approach required.


 Above is the event severity / frequency triangle: the more serious the event, the less frequently it happens

In our normal or routine daily operations there are probably thousands of minor events which will quite often go unnoticed not just by the flight crew but by ground staff, passengers and engineering.


Recent Customer Feedback

"The procurement of Helinalysis services was not competed. We determined that Helinalysis provided singular flight data management (FDM) and safety expertise specific to helicopter operations along with unique experience in establishing industry benchmark helicopter FDM programs, military helicopter operational experience, and a recognized role in developing the International Helicopter Safety Team HFDM recommendations. Helinalysis provided responsive services, tailored to our needs. In particular, offering new insights from deep analysis of our flight data and actionable recommendations based on commercial best practices in Helicopter flight data monitoring."

HFDM Benefits 

HFDM provides the key to unlock the vast amount of information contained in your routine flying operations.Helinalysis could be your key to improved safety.