HFDM lifecycle


Types of HFDM (Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring)


The type of HFDM suited to your operation will depend on whether your fleet of aircraft are already fitted with OEM Flight Data Recording (FDR) components.

HFDM can utilise existing FDR equipment, or if necessary will require the installation of data gathering equipment to capture the data channels required for analysis.

Fully Hosted or Managed HFDM Analysis Services

Whether you need fully hosted HFDM Services or a Managed Service where you host your own flight data, Helinalysis gives you the easiest and often most cost effective method of running your HFDM Programme.

We will take the strain off you and provide a secure, confidential and robust service.


HFDM Monthly Report


How do you monitor HFDM ?

On a periodic basis (monthly)

Helinalysis will provide comprehensive statistical trend reports with individual details of the most significant ‘level 3’ events.

All reports will contain user configurable tables in MS Excel for integration into your management briefings.

Within one hour of uploading data:

We will notify you of specific engineering exceedances within one hour of the data being received at Helinalysis’ server. An email containing raw data alerts will be sent to your nominated liaison officer at an address of your choice.


Event ID 13315 (Flight ID 1803) Event Code AP524:
TQ AEO - Take-Off Limit - AW139 ,
Total TQ AEO = 111.00% ,
G - ABCD, Aug 17 2010 2:32PM, EGGW to EGSO

HFDM Custom Event

This information will be invaluable to your engineering team.


Within 24 hours of uploading data:

You will be informed of all validated level 3 events.